Monday, 23 July 2012

Bunch of Sketches

 Somtimes while playing with my nephews they will say or do something that inspires a drawing. This is a Corcan which is a mix between a cow a horse and a toucan.

 Some characters from some of the stories I constantly have going through my head.

 Picture I drew for my nephew

 Pirate Kings Robe

 Another character from a story. Tried not to make that look too much like a key blade, but in the end it still does. This was colored on paper using crayola marker, It lost some of the effect in the scanning.

  Some Dragon Sketches

 Batman/Joker Yin Yang

 More Characters

 Even more, still

 ...them too.

 This is how I see squirrels.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Some Sketches from Ye Olde Sketchbook

 Alpacas from the Forestry Farm


Random sketches. The top right corner is Nicole

 Characters i'd like to use in a film one day

Okey Dokey

Ha Ha, I don`t know how to work this thing....
Ok well, lets plunge in head first ignoring the ``No Diving`` signs and arch my dive so I don`t dash my head against the metaphorical rocks!

I`m going to use this Blog to post some of my drawings since Facebook and Youtube currently house most of them. So it will be nice to have a specific place for them.

So be patient with me as I figure this Blogging thing out.
Hopefully you will enjoy my posts, feel free to comment on them.
In the mean time enjoy a Chicken Ocelot....