Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Little Black Mouse

Just a little animation exercise.
I'm going to do more little exercises like this more often, including a few e-cards I'll probably send to a few family members.
And I dunno why the background in the still shot is pink, when it's supposed to be gray. Guess it was a rendering thing.

Thursday, 3 October 2013


Continuing with the Sports boards, here we have the Hockey Player. It was obvious I wanted to incorporate ice in his design, but without making him look like The Iceman from X-men. (You now have the 90s cartoon theme from X-Men running through your head. Ha Ha) I also wanted to keep him a little 'Other Worldly' so I made what little skin you see on his face a bit pale and sickly and, of course, gave him the glowing eyes. The scarf-mask he's wearing is a bit hard to make out, but it's a skull mask. Again I left his jersey grey to be altered for different teams.

This next one is not one of the sports themed board characters. I designed this character with a rather intricate background in mind. I originally wanted the background to be an ocean with a lot of shark fins protruding from the surface a few sharks breaching the water, transitioning to a city with tall buildings and this character in the middle. Buuuuut, I kept over-thinking it, and I was losing the character in the background. So after much wailing and gnashing of teeth and trial after trial, I ended up making a brick background and the character crashing through the wall. Which in itself took forever since I drew and coloured the bricks individually, trying to mimic the texture of real brick walls. Completely forgetting there was a much easier way to accomplish that texture. Oh well. The REALLY annoying thing, is that as I type this, I have figured out a way that may have worked better for the design I originally had in mind. Rats. Enjoy this character. ENJOY IT!!!!

20 minute skull drawing.
This drawing always makes me laugh. I drew it for the background of a board which features a Skeleton character longboarding. It took me 20 minutes to draw the skull, and I forget how long to colour it. I then copy and pasted it multiple times for the background, and adjusted the sizes and layering. What makes me laugh, is that the company has used this skull for another board too. It's funny how I will pore myself into one design, like the shark, for hours and hours, growing more and more frustrated as I am unable to get the result I was going for, and then praying it will be accepted. And then my little 20 minute drawing will be used on 2 separate board designs. Frustratingly Hilarious.