Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Painting till 5am

I found myself unable to sleep last night. My brain decided it was a good idea to start thinking about everything bad that has been happening recently, and I was unable to take my thoughts away from them. So around 2:55 after the second wave of tears, I thought, "Ok, Enough." and went downstairs to paint. I haven't painted with acrylic for a while, but nothing like emotional conflict to get the creative juices overflowing. With emotion. A glass case of emotion. Can you tell I haven't slept? Anyway, I luckily still had a blank canvas I could paint instead of just paper. And after painting until 5, I finally felt relaxed. My panicky, depressing thoughts slowly melted away with each brush stroke as I concentrated on what was unfolding in front of me. Relaxing songs that don't remind me of anything got stuck in my head, and I mentally listened to them on repeat. When I decided I was finished I went back to bed, I think I fell asleep around 5:30, because I remember dozing off and then waking up as family members got up to go to work.
If I were to give this picture a title it would be "Autumn's Last Song". Even looking at it now there are things I would change or add, but I will not do anything to it now. I'm rather pleased with how it turned out, considering I just followed the brush.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Markhor Man Take 2

I was never really satisfied with my first attempt at drawing this guy. The pose was awkward, and although I had an idea of how I wanted him to look, I think I kept looking back at the Sail Fish Hunter I drew before and how that picture turned out pretty much how I wanted it to, that I kept subconsciously trying to draw the Markhor Man like the Sail Fish Hunter.
Then I got angry at the picture and decided I was done. So here is my Take 2 of The Markhor Man.
I'm much happier with this one.