About Once Upon a Donna

Hello, If you have found your way to my blog and are confused at what the heck this is, allow me to explain.

The blog started off as a place I could post my art work and animations for potential employers to view. (It still is, feel free to click on the pages to view some of my other work!)
As time slowly dragged on, and then quickly sped up, and then slowed down again, only to speed up, I found that I wasn't posting on the blog as much, and I began to worry that my artistic skills would go rusty. So, as an exercise I decided to make quick comics about my thoughts and humorous events from my life. I didn't intend to make it a routine thing, but suddenly people (mostly extended family mind you) wanted me to make more, because they were enjoying the comics.

If you are new to the comics, you will notice a lot of different characters. These people are my family members. I have a mom and dad, four sisters, two brothers, four brothers-in law, one sister-in-law, eight nephews and two nieces, and to me, some of the funniest things that have happened in my life occurs when we get together. 

These comics take place once upon a Donna. I am Donna, and this is my life. Some of it is from the past, some is from the present, and some are just the results of conversations with friends and family.
I hope you enjoy what you find here, and perhaps some of it will ring with familiarity between you and your family.


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