Demo Reel 2014

In Order:
Lip Sync exercise voiced by my nephew
Silhouette Werewolf
Bear Walk Cycle
Flour Sack animation
Black Mouse exercise
Lip Sync Assignment
Diving Board Assignment
Double Take Assignment
3/4 walk assignment
Pose Test
Concept Design and Art
Logo Commission
Portrait Commission
Longboard Design Commisions: next 4 images
Concept Design: next 2 images
Full colored drawings next 3 images.

Halloween E-Card

Little Black Mouse Exercise

Lip Sync Exercise

Lip Sync Exercise

Lip Sync Exercise

Demo Reel 2012

Final Film: Leatherwing Bat

Grade 7 class Final Project.
NOTE: Final project for grade 7 class I taught. Painted by the students.

Speed Painting
NOTE: As part of the lessons, this was to demonstrate how to use simple shapes when drawing. The first half of the video is relatively slow and without sound, as I used that time to talk to the kids about using the shapes.

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