Commission Work


E-Book Cover of screenplay Iron John by Ryan LeBlanc

Last summer I did a series of speed drawings for Prince Albert's Bishops Annual Appeal, which they used in the video. Have a look here:Prince Albert Bishop's Annual Appeal 2015
The drawings are at 5:50, and 6:40

Jan 2015

I was contacted last year to put together a book. The poem had been written by my brother-in-laws grandpa, and the family wanted it printed as a book in memory of him. I was given a copy of the poem to illustrate and turn into a book. Here is some of the artwork.


Roses Design, KickIt Longboards.

Mobius Character Design, KickIt Longboards.

Full Board Design, STORM, KickIt Longboards.

Full Board Design, GRAVEYARD, KickIt Longboards

Grave Watch Character Design, KickIt Longboards

Full Board Design, FIERY FOOTBALL FIEND, KickIt Longboards

Choas Basketball Player Character Design, KickIt Longboards

Ice Hockey Player Character Design, KickIt Longboards.

Shark Man Character Design, KickIt Longboards

Skull Background Design, KickIt Longboards

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